The BioE Graduate PhD and MS program is a unique and interdisciplinary program ranked 1st in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. Students apply through one of the 8 participating Georgia Tech home schools or departments and students are free to work with any of the 90+ participating program faculty members from the Colleges of Engineering, Computing, Sciences, and Design as well as Emory University School of Medicine. The BioE Graduate Program is the most innovative and integrative program available at Georgia Tech, giving the students the flexibility and creativity to pursue interdisciplinary research and create their own future.


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"Mechanisms of impaired T cell antigen sensing in TP53 mutation expressing cancers, and the co-agonist effect of Wild Type (WT) p53 self-antigen"
"Automated cellular electrophysiology to investigate the role of interneurons in Alzheimer’s disease"
"Unraveling Hidden Heterogeneity: Quantitative Characterization of Cellular Heterogeneity in Multicolor Flow Cytometry Data for Enhanced Insights"