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Biomedical Engineering
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- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Signals - Biostatistics - Automated disease diagnosis - Disease prediction - EEG-based diagnostics - Automated Sleep Staging - Automated Seizure Detection - Epilepsy - Sleep disorders - Alzheimer's Disease


I obtained my BS in bioengineering at the University of Pittsburgh, with minors in neuroscience and chemistry. I have spent a year and a half working in brain computer interfaces, over two years in rehabilitation engineering and have also spent time working in web design, mobile app design, biochemistry and as a medical assistant. I am most experienced in software development, but I have substantial experience in electrical and mechanical design as well. I developed a strong interest in math and statistics, so I chose to combine my interests in bioscience, mathematics and programming by entering the field of machine learning. When not working, I like music and comic books.

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