BioEngineering 2016 Annual Award Winners

The goal of the BioE Awards is to highlight outstanding achievements by faculty and graduate students who support the BioE interdisciplinary program. Our community is successful because of the generous and collaborative trainees and faculty that make up our program. Below are the winners for this year. We thank all the nominators and congratulate those who were nominated. Special thanks to Drs. Todd Sulchek, Hang Lu, and Maysam Ghovanloo for reviewing the nomination packages.

Outstanding Paper
 Jordan Ciciliano, a trainee in Dr. Lam's lab.

“Resolving the multifaceted mechanisms of the ferric chloride thrombosis model using an interdisciplinary microfluidic approach” recently published in Blood (Impact Factor: 10.452)

Outstanding Thesis
Adrian Lam, PhD , who was a member of Dr. Oshinski’s lab, until his graduation in Fall 2015.

“Development of a combined angiography and late Gadolinium enhancement MRI sequence”

Outstanding Advisor
Krishnendu Roy, PhD  
The awards were presented at the BioE recruitment event on March 11th.
Please join us in congratulating the winners and we look forward to hearing from Jordan Ciciliano and Dr. Roy on BioE Day, May 12th. 
Please note that the Christopher Ruffin Award will be announced at BioE Day as well.